Fire Systems Analytics & Automation

Fire Systems Analytics & Automation

Incorporating advanced technologies into Pulse Fire Tech and life safety systems allows businesses to improve their safety practices, meet regulatory requirements, and reduce cost and risk. Increasing use of the Internet of Things (IoT) technology for interconnecting a variety of devices or objects in smart building systems, growing demand for analyzing fire and security risks associated with a building through research prior to building structure design, and ongoing need for communicating with building occupants in emergency situations are some of the major trends driving industry demand.

“Maximizing Efficiency and Safety: Cutting-Edge Fire System Analytics

Automating control fire systems with artificial intelligence and machine learning technology can help businesses minimize manual labor costs, ensure accuracy of data collection and processing, and reduce downtime from unplanned events. Integration of fire and safety systems into a single platform can also provide additional benefits such as scalability and remote access to system data and alarms.

The ATEX certified fire suppression system FIRE-SCAN can monitor gases like hydrogen and carbon monoxide for early detection of potential threats and prevent the spread of flames, smoke, and toxic gas in high risk areas. Additionally, foam systems can be deployed in high-risk areas such as fuel storage facilities and aircraft hangars to suppress flammable liquid fires by forming a blanket of foam over the surface of the fuel, preventing the release of flammable vapors.

A first-in-market portfolio of digital and managed services that connects fire safety systems to the cloud, allowing customers to move from a compliance-led to total protection through intelligent safety, is also available with Siemens Xcelerator digital business platform. These connected life safety digital services include Facility Manager, Site Manager and Check Point. Facility Manager is a web and mobile application that enables end users to view real-time fire system alerts, schedules and test reports, as well as inventory of devices across multiple locations, providing greater visibility for business stakeholders.

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