Custom Patches in USA

Custom Patches in USA

When it comes to Custom Patches in USA, there’s no other company that offers a higher level of customization, quality and customer service. They have been in the business for 12 years and offer a full range of design options, including multiple types of patches, backing options and specialty thread colors. Their team is happy to assist you in choosing specs and providing art, and they deliver fast, affordable results with a quick turnaround time. URL

Embroidered patches are ideal for organizations that need to identify uniformed employees or volunteers, such as military units, fire departments and law enforcement. They’re also perfect for groups that are looking for a unifying symbol, like marching bands or park rangers. They’re highly durable and can withstand cold weather conditions. These patches can feature 2D or 3D designs and are great for intricate detail work or small lettering.

Tactical Style: Crafting Your Own Custom MOLLE Patch

Patches come with several secure backing options, including iron-on, velcro hook and loop, peel-and-stick temporary, and a thin plastic backing. They’re available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, and can be made with up to 100% embroidery coverage. Premium thread options include metallic thread, neon thread and 3D puff embroidery.

These patches are a great way to celebrate any special occasion, such as a birthday or anniversary. You can affix them to clothing to make a statement, or use them as decorations in a shadow box. Personalized patches are also popular for weddings and birth announcements.

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