2023 Tesla Model 3 Battery Size

tesla model 3 battery size 2023

If you’re tesla model 3 battery size 2023 or thinking about buying one on the used market, understanding which battery size it has will help you gauge its long-term performance. The Model 3 is offered with a range of different battery sizes, and it also uses different battery chemistry depending on the version.

The 2023 tesla model 3 battery size is an important factor to consider when shopping for a pre-owned electric vehicle, especially as you get closer to the end of its warranty. Tesla recently released its 2023 Impact Report, which includes a battery capacity degradation chart that reveals the average Model 3 and Model Y Long Range cars maintain 15% of their original battery capacity after 200,000 miles. The results are much better than the average 12% for the company’s previous-generation Model S and Model X vehicles.

Tesla Model 3 Battery Size 2023: Specs and Details

In addition to the main battery, a Model 3’s chassis and interior uses 12V lithium-ion batteries that provide power for smaller systems, including lights, power windows, lift gates, washer fluid pumps, ABS electronics, and the center display. These batteries don’t degrade as rapidly as the larger 75 kWh main battery and can be recharged quickly.

The main battery in a Model 3 is guaranteed to retain 70% of its original capacity over an eight-year or 150,000-mile period, depending on the version. This warranty gives buyers peace of mind knowing that the vehicle’s battery is designed to last and will perform well for years after its purchase.

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