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 Jacuzzi Boys


Photo by Ivan Santiago

The weekend is here – time to get loose. Friday night lends itself to a perfect night of bar hopping, as The Stage, The Vagabond, and Will Call all have phenomenal line ups, all featuring local bands. The Stage will be hosting Xpermiento, while Will Call hosts The Riot Act and the Deadly Blank. The Vagabond is hosting the Film-gate launch party, along with the debut of Kodiak Fur, who will be joined by TUSK. Saturday night, celebrate the grand opening of Gramps with Jacuzzi Boys, or dance like crazy with The Spam Allstars at PAX.

Miami trio Jacuzzi Boys have been performing around these streets for years – and are proud to call the 305 home. The organic influences found here have sculpted their sound to create something distinctly ‘Miami’, as seen with songs like ‘Vizcaya’. The group has toured and released music extensively over the years, and they will be releasing an LP in summer of 2013. We got a chance to catch up with bassist Danny Gonzalez, who gave us a peek into his day.

Wasabi Quiz

Wasabi Fashion Kult: My favorite thing to do in Miami is…
Jacuzzi Boys:  Listening to ‘Easy Lover’ on the 395.

WFK:  The shittiest New Year’s Resolution I ever tried to keep was…
JB: To stop making “that’s what she said” jokes.

WFK:  My comfort food is…
JB: Croquetas

WFK:  No one would expect to find __________ in my closet.
JB: R. Kelly

WFK: The first thing I do when I wake up is…
JB: Sun Salutations

WFK: My definition of freedom is…
JB: Free ballin’

You can catch Danny + the rest of the trio this Saturday at Gramps Grand Opening Weekend.



Feb 1 - XpermientoXperimento | The Stage
8 pm, No Cover

Xperimento and PR Sound System are representing Miami in this amazing line up over at The Stage Friday night. PR Sound System drops in Rock and Pop sounds, then throws in some Reggae and Ska, and tops it off with some Electro to create something completely different, while Xperimento is known for their amazing live sets and equally eclectic influences.


Feb 1 - VagabondKodiak Fur | The Vagabond
10 pm

Kicking off Friday night at the Vagabond is a special performance from TUSK, which is already guaranteeing a fucking great night. Making their debut that night though, is Miami group Kodiak Fur. The band has a mellow sound that is entrancing and smooth, led by steady synth beats. Not only will these two bands be performing, but Film-gate has tapped this party as their official launch party.

Feb 1 - Will CallDeadly BlankThe Riot Act | Will Call
11 pm, No Cover

In search for loud, pure rock and roll? Head over to Will Call on Friday night, as The Riot Act and The Deadly Blank will be hitting the stage. Both of these bands hail from South Florida, and each band will be performing rock/alternative sounds – loudly, of course. 


Feb 2 - GrampsJacuzzi Boys | Gramps
9 pm, No Cover

Gramps has been open since Basel, but they officially kicked off their opening week with a slew of artists. This Saturday, they’ll be hosting Miami group Jacuzzi Boys as part of their week long opening show, who will be playing live outside. Also part of the shit show? DJs Sgt. Pepperspray, Tet de Vac, and of course: Gramps.


Feb 2 - PAXSpam Allstars |PAX
10 pm

Latin; Funk; Hip Hop; Dub – plus many other sounds. All of these genres come together with only one group in Miami: Spam Allstars. These vets have been on the Miami music scene for years and perform all over the country. DJ Le Spam + the rest of the crew will be performing this Friday night, bringing their ‘electronic descarga’ to none other than PAX.

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