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April and May are promising a slew on new releases from all kinds of genres. Glam, indie rock, and R&B are all seeing music being released from new and established artists, including Parallels, Of Monsters and Men, and Violens.TALWST, an up and coming R&B artist, just released their first single this month. Best Coast, which established themselves last summer, are releasing their anticipated follow up album this May.

We had a chance to catch up with Holly Dodson of Parallels and chat a bit about their upcoming album and US tour in May.

Wasabi Fashion Kult: What differences are there between your last album and this upcoming release? Not just in terms of sound, but did you experiment with anything new on this particular album?
Holly Dodson: I definitely wanted to try some new things with the new album, sophomore releases are usually a lot of pressure— having to evolve while keeping true to our original sound.   Our last album was a little more minimal but I wanted to experiment with fuller, richer pads and sounds outside of the synth’s we’d always fall on.  Also I’ve been trying to build the songs from the bottom up, where as before I would write vocals and melodies first then fill in the rest of the song.  This time I started with the bass and drums and built it from there, letting the vocals fall into place.

What song on this album did you love to create?
Hmm It’s hard to pick one, I loved creating all of them…it’s like choosing your favorite child, definitely not fair ;) I have 12 new children and they are all my favorites.

What song from this album are you looking forward to performing live most?
We’ve been rehearsing one of the new tracks called Time Will Crawl, and it’s a pretty straightforward dance track— a few vocoder harmonies, and a big atmospheric chorus that myself and my new bandmate Artem Galperine get to harmonize on together, so I’m really excited for that.

If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be?
Always Depeche Mode… But in real-life I’m loving the collaboration between the artists who have been working with me on this album, and all it’s elements— a great friend and artist Maxime Bocken who photographed me for the artwork, my other great friend Jillian Botting who shot some promo pics, the amazing talents behind The White Room aka the city’s best graphic artists and my new bandmates Nick Dodson and Artem Galperine.  –

Check below our Top 5 Album picks for this month…


Glam gets a new face with the group Parallels. This Toronto-based band pairs sugary sweet vocals courtesy of Holly Dodson with some serious synth-pop beats.  The combination of old school 80s sounds and modern style beats makes this band definitely stand out. Their album XII will be out June 26, but for now check out the first single:



This trio brings a refreshing angle to the new wave genre, featuring soft vocals and romantic synth beats. Violens hails from Brooklyn, but takes most of its influences from Brit-pop. Their new album, Slumberland, is about to be released, and they’ll be coming to Miami on April 14. Check out the first single from their album, “Der Microarc” below: http://vimeo.com/37982643



Smooth r&b meets gritty beats on the collaboration of TALWST (pronounced Tall Waist) and producer Illangelo, famously known for his work with The Weeknd. Coming out in April is their first release, Alien Tentacle Sex, an album with major influences from the 1990’s hip hop scene. The first single, “Peace Tonight”, showcases the old school flavor with a twist: http://youtu.be/wJR63WIJxNk



Of Monsters and Men
The first single from Of Monsters and Men – “Little Talks” – is basically impossible to get out of your head. The tit-for-tat combination of vocals from Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir and Ragnar Þórhallsson is completely infectious, paired well with the upbeat horn section that pulls you in entirely. This Icelandic band features six members, and they are releasing their sophomore effort on April 3 entitled My Head is an animal.
Little Talks: http://youtu.be/ghb6eDopW8I
NPR First Listen is also offering a stream of their next album, which you can check out here.


Best Coast
Few bands can pull off the Lo-fi sound as well as Best Coast. They burst onto the scene last summer with the sad song of rejection known as ‘Boyfriend’ and haven’t stopped since. The duo will be releasing their next album, The Only Place, on May 15. Earlier this week they released the first single off the album, which bears the same name.



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