::A Panic Bomber Sunset
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You may have seen the stickers relentlessly tagged everywhere in Miami that reads: Panic Bomber. You may also have known that Richard Haig (of Panic Bomber fame), dropped amazing beats at West Palm Beach’s yearly Sunfest. Though he prefers to operate in the shroud of darkness and the late hours of the night, his performance took place just a few hours short of sunset. With his darkest pair of Ray Bans, horn section and operatic vocal phenom, Asuka Barden, Panic Bomber laid an assault on the  Bank of America Stage.

Not surprising at a music festival where the average age is 43, the younger crowd quickly flocked to the only Techno act on the 5-day lineup to quench their aural thirst with something they could relate to. Haig, the well-seasoned performer that he is, delivered a set of exactly what they needed. Finally in the party mood, the young crowd uncontrollably devoured everything coming out of the speakers like a pack of hungry wolves.

After all was said and done the only challenge of playing the Sunfest stage was the bright sun, –confessed Haig as he came off stage– “I’m going to need brighter LEDs.”

To find out more about Panic Bomber, check out www.panicbomber.com

To see more images from the show, including behind the scenes footage, head here.


Vocals & Electronics: Panic Bomber (Richard Haig)
Vocals: Asuka Barden
Trumpet: Andy Panayides
Saxophone: Tyler Burchfield
Trombone: Joanna Sabater


::A Panic Bomber Sunset posted on May 9, 2011 by Wasabi
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