Terribly Girly Photography
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Terribly Girly Photography

Lisa (picture above) sat while a transformation took place –and it was not magic. Her hair started to curl up into a volumenized pin-up style, her lashes grew fiercer, her smile brightened and her waist cinched with the hug of a corset. The heels were ready, the stockings on place and the spotlight waited for her.

Lisa came in to Terribly Girly Photography studio to celebrate her birthday. She wanted TG to take some professional burlesque-style photos. These are some of the scenarios the girls from Terribly Girly deal with every day.

Working with the Terribly Girly team is like dealing with Roman gods and muses. This time, you will be the Cleopatra laying down having grapes dropped in your mouth and palm trees fanning the air for your comfort. You feel heavenly, beautiful and flawless –again, it’s not magic, it’s professionalism.

Janette, photographer and creator of Terribly Girly –a pin up and burlesque inspired photo studio, gathered a team of hot, sassy gals, all experts in their field of make-up, hair styling and wardrobe, that work together to prepare the best photo-shoot for anyone that is in need of their services.

It takes two seconds after entering her studio at Wynwood (Art District) to notice their amazing energy and the inviting atmosphere every team member welcomes you with.

Meet the girls behind Lisa’s shoot:
Virginia Le Fay will take care of your make-up and will treat you like a porcelain doll. She will color your face as if you were a sculpture enhancing your features.

Marilyn (Miss Kitty) San German takes care of your hair, adding extensions or blow-drying your bangs. I’m sure she can even do it with her eyes closed out of her expertise. All her movements are harmonious but fast, and the results are as bright as being back in the 50’s.

Lisa Martin-Owen is Janette’s photo assistant. She has a pair of extra eyes for her; she notices details that perfect the photos –an exposed seam back into place, a curl on the face that needs to be combed or a light that should be brighter on the scene.

Janette Valentine, the master of this orchestration, will direct you and actually snap a perfect picture by organizing all the pieces in the puzzle with her camera. It’s not out of luck that she gets the shot; it’s after observing and analyzing the scenario that she gets her flawless photograph.

Terribly Girly Photograph inspires you. Is not magic, it’s the reality of a group of ladies lead by a super heroine working with an invincible work ethic, a pinch of perseverance and lots of love for what they do.

Model: Heather Hink / Hair Stylist: Riviera / Makeup Artist:  Virginia Le Fay

Model: Ashley Dean / Hair Stylist:  Marilyn San German / Makeup Artist: Virginia Le Fay / Wardrobe Stylist:  Aurora Natrix / Assistant: Heather Inga

Model: Jessica Henry / Hair and Makeup  Artist: Angel Jagger

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Terribly Girly Photography posted on August 5, 2010 by Wasabi

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2 Responses to Terribly Girly Photography
  1. Kelly

    My experience with Terribly girly photos was totally awesome! I really felt like a pin-up Queen.I love my photos and so glad I did it.An experience of a lifetime and memories to prove it!I will definetly do this again. thank you sooo much love Kelly

    November 16, 2010 at 2:17 pm Reply
  2. Alfre Lopez

    Great article. I have had the great pleasure of being transformed into a pinup with Janette and her goddesses. They made me look so glam. Can’t wait to do it again.

    September 5, 2010 at 10:15 am Reply

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