Laptop’s best friend: Built Bag
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Handy Candy Item: Laptop Bag by Built
Classic go-to laptop bag made of neoprene providing protection and durability. Pockets on front exterior, also comes with removable padded shoulder strap.
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Annoying are airports, pleasing is traveling. Frustrating are waiting lines, satisfying are first class upgrades. However, waiting in lines, carrying luggage and plastic zip-bags are stuff we unfortunately have to deal with when traveling –but heaven knows how much I’d love an upgrade!

Lucky us, manufacturers and designers are people that understand these needs too and have helped us make our traveling passion a little bit easier.

Check out Built, an accessory line for people on the go, especially for people whose luggage has to match their underwear –like me. People can get picky, and if a pattern color bag for their camera, a polka dot skin cover for their netbook or even a black raspberry cover for their water bottle makes them happy, then go figure. Maybe waiting in line and carrying bags can become an art too, nowadays.

Laptop’s best friend: Built Bag posted on August 6, 2010 by Wasabi
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