The Guvnor’s
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Guvnor’s, a thrift store located in Parkside, New York, greets you with a Honky Tonk atmosphere, providing burlesque, rockabilly, vaudeville and western fashion. Come in to sell or exchange clothes. Or, customize your new acquisitions with an in-house tailoring master. The Guvnor’s smirk invites any rock and roll fan to come inside and encounter pre-1990s original vintage clothing for the Danny Zuko or Sandy Ollsen hidden in you. This boutique holds in its chest a musical stage, P/A system and DJ booth. The Guv’ takes his music fixation seriously providing live musical events, roof parties and a scandalous grease lightin’ vibe for your shopping entertainment.

What:: The Guvnor’s
Where:: 178 Fifth Avenue
Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY 11217
Call:: 718 230 4887
Why:: Grease Lightin’

The Guvnor’s posted on June 30, 2010 by Wasabi
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