Odd Twin
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Odd Twin

Odd Twin resides in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Quirky but versatile, varied yet charming, this store will appeal to anyone proud to stand out in a crowd. They represent oddity over conformism and individuality instead of routine.

Odd Twin is a vintage and thrift store treasuring original clothes, accessories, jewelry and home decorations from back in the day. Every item hangs with an air of history and coquette. You’ll find on the tags the exact year and epoch the clothes once belonged to. Transcend time with their garments. Have one foot in the 1950s and the other on a 21st century dance floor.

Odd Twin proudly stands as one of the few vintage stores holding a perfectly extensive and unique men’s collection. 1950’s suits, pants, dress shirts and shoes, all in a well-organized manner, array of colors and styles.

It’s sexy to be odd.

What:: Odd Twin
www:: www.oddtwin.com
Where:: 164 5th Avenue
Park Slope, Brooklyn NY 11217
Call:: 718 ODD TWIN
Why:: It’s sexy to be od

Odd Twin posted on June 30, 2010 by Wasabi
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