Pamela Wasabi

*Photo by Matthew Karsten (below) www.StylusFunk.comPamela Wasabi
“Patience is about under-fuckin’standing, not time”
Fashion Art Director/Puzzle Solver

  1. What’s heaven in Miami? The Vagabond
  2. What inspires you? Perfection
  3. A hidden quality: I can kick your ass boxing
  4. Last gift you gave to yourself: Discipline
  5. What makes you happy? Vegan food, skateboarding in Venice Beach, horses, color, Duke and RHCP
  6. How can you relate to Wasabi? I am it’s single mother
  7. If you have the chance to interview someone, who would it be? My pet
  8. Preferred method of communication: Hand written love letters
  9. What do you want to be when you grow up? A kid
  10. Where is home? In my imagination
  11. Top 5 music wise: Amy Winehouse, Punk Rock women bands and Rock and Roll!
  12. What extreme is most likely to find you: Saturation
  13. Something that you will never wear: A flag
  14. Favorite quote of someone you admire: “I’m in a permanent state of intellectual erection” Dali
  15. Freedom in your own words: White Rainbows

Art Shows and Exhibits:

Miami Independents Thinkers – December 2010, ArtBasel, Miami
365 Fashion Kult
Slideshow showing 365 different looks from the party goers and indie artist of Miami. 

BUTTER GALLERY – August 2010, Miami
“The it Click”
Street Fashion Photography Exhibit
Pamela displays her photography along other Miami night life photographers; Ruby Cuboe, Frankie Galland, Jake Katel, Charis Kirchhemer, Diana Larrea.

THE VAGABOND – May 2009, Miami
“Rainbow Brighting Miami”
Street Fashion Photography Exhibit
A display of 8 different collages organized by color mixing Miami’s street fashion and street art.

BUCK 15- February 2008, Miami
“Be sinful with your fashion”
A display of 1,000 photographs taken in the past year, each one of them displayed individually along the walls of the underground night club.

Other services provided:
Trend Consultancy
Art Direction
Concept Development
Event Production

For more information contact Pamela at